This is my little bit of the Internet ...

Day Job

I'm an 'Innovation Consultant' at BT and I help BT and its many customers make the most of new technology and services. We do everything from technology scouting, new idea generation, concept articulation, technical feasibility studies, business case development, to running technology & customer experience trials. Put simply, all the things required to get new concepts to market quickly.

My Personal Websites

400Kg car - My designs and thoughts on what might replace my Fisher Fury R1 in the future.
Dream Green House - This is my company website, set up to allow us to fund the research, design and build of our next home.
Fisher Fury R1 - I built my own car in 2007/2008. It's a 450Kg road-legal race car powered by a 998cc Yamaha R1 motorbike engine.
http://www.elises.co.uk - I've been running my Lotus Elise enthusiast site since 1996 and it was the number one search result on Google for over 8 years. I no longer own a Lotus Elise but maintain the site and it has lots of visitors.